1 in 4 people worldwide will be affected by mental disorders during their life. It is often seen as a sign of weakness to be struggling mentally and people find it hard to express how they are feeling. Not being able to express yourself and your feelings can create dangerous isolation and more suffering. This series aims to explore themes of mental illness and how it is such a taboo topic when it shouldn't be; having these illnesses does not make you weaker and expressing your feelings is important. As is have suffered with a variety of these illnesses since I was a little girl, I wanted to create this series to show how I feel and also give others the inspiration to, as it is nothing to be ashamed of. Having to hide these illnesses causes more anxiety as the stigma attached to having a mental illness is that the person is delicate, needs space and should be left alone. Your illness does not define you and you are your own person, but that doesn't mean that the illness is not part of your life and shouldn't be acknowledged. Expressing my feelings through these photographs will not only help my mental state but also bring awareness to these illnesses.